He's Getting An Award Tomorrow!

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Tomorrow would be another proud moment for me as a mom. My second grader will be receiving a "Star Student" award. I don't know exactly what this particular award for but whatever it is, I am very PROUD of him anyway!! There are 3 different awards that are given in their classroom, Principal's Award, Perfect Attendance and Star Student. There are only four of them who is receiving the Star Student award. I emailed her teacher asking what exactly it is but I have not received any response yet. I can always ask her after the ceremony!

Anyway, the kids that will be receiving a Perfect Attendance award will also go on a field trip to see a movie and my son was really looking forward to that but unfortunately, he missed one day of school. That's when he had a nose bled that morning and we thought that it would be better for him to just stay home than letting him go to school and his nose starts bleeding again and scare everybody. I told him that he there are still 2 semesters left and if he don't miss school in those semesters, he will be able to go on the reward trip, that is if they are going anywhere!

Anyhow, after the ceremony I am planning on getting him a gift and giving it to him when he comes home from school. It will be our way of congratulating him and our little way of letting him know how very proud we are of him!!

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