Putting My Desktop Computer Into My Kid's Bedroom

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I planned on putting my desktop computer into my kid's bedroom as soon as this new computer desk comes in the mail. It will probably be here next week! I just ordered it yesterday and guess where??? YUP! On Amazon! I bought so much stuff there these past few weeks that I don't have any idea what will be coming in the mail!

Anyhow, putting a computer in a kid's bedroom might not be a such a good idea but I think that depends as well how much time restrictions you are allowed your kids to be on it! I already told my oldest son that just  because we are putting the computer in his bedroom, it doesn't mean he'll be able to get on it whenever he wishes to use it. That won't be the case! We will make sure that it will be password protected, so if he tries to sneak, he won't be able to use it! We will only give him about one hour computer time and may be he'll get an extra time when he does good in school and at home!

Anyway, this computer desk didn't have the best ratings but I decided to buy it because its style plus the price was reasonable compared to the others with same ratings. It would be the perfect computer desk to put in their bedroom since there's not much room in there and there is no way to put my old computer desk in there for it is really big! It will be hauled off to the dump as soon as I get the computer and other stuff off it!

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