Shoes And Backpack Bought On Amazon!

Amazon is one of my favorite places to shop online. Not only you can find affordable items but as well as wide selection from different sellers. First thing that I always look at are the reviews and then the prices. I just love how you can read all the reviews before purchasing an item. I have been buying from them these past few weeks and everything that came in the mail so far are in good quality, definitely worth the money that I paid for.

Anyway, two of those items that I bought are these backpack and FILA shoes for my oldest son. Walmart backpack and shoes just don't last long at all. His new backpack and shoes that I bought at Walmart just before school started this year were all falling apart, so I had to buy him new ones!
{Image NOT MINE!}
This backpack comes in so many different colors and had the best reviews of all the ones that I checked out at under $20 price tag. I let my son decide of which color he'd like and he picked the camouflage one! This already came in the mail a week ago and by just looking at it, I can tell that this will last a while! My son really loved his new backpack!

{Image NOT MINE!}
Now these shoes hasn't come yet. It is a FILA brand so I know it is well-built and would last longer than the ones at Walmart! I actually got a good deal on these shoes. It was on sale on Amazon for $13 with free shipping if you order $35 or more. So I bought it with a laptop battery because my laptop needed a new battery and I got a free shipping for both items. I was so glad that I bought it then because the next day, the price had gone up to $34+! Good thing I went with my guts and didn't wait! I love getting a good deal! Don't you??

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