Thankful That My Family Is Safe But...

..there are over 10,000 casualties left by super typhoon Haiyan or Yolanda as what it's called locally in the Philippines. It is so hard to be fully glad and thankful that you're own family is safe when you are very aware that there are thousands of my fellow Filipinos are dead!! Not to mention the aftermath that left thousands of families homeless, no food to eat, no water to drink, no medicines for those who are injured! I feel really bad and can only wish that there is more I can do!!!

I donated a little bit of money and it is the best that I can do for now, I wish I could have donated more though but even if it was just a little, it is already a big help and a big difference to help those people in desperate needs!! The other thing that I can do is to plead for help on behalf of my fellow citizens who are suffering right now crying for desperate help! 

I can understand those who feel uncomfortable donating money and not sure that they would really reach to the people in need but I know somebody who is taking donations to send to her hometown where it was one of most devastated places by the typhoon and still not gotten any help from the government! So PLEASE, PLEASE, find it in your heart to help these people by donating even just a dollar! That will at least buy 2 bottles of water! You can comment on this post or contact me @ and I will be glad to connect you to the person who is taking the donation. She is accepting the donation through PayPal!!

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