Trick Or Treat At The Mall Was A Blast!

I took my boys to the mall to Trick or Treat last night! I decided to take them there although it almost an hour drive because there was no Trick or Treating going on our neighborhood nor anywhere nearby! It was all our first time to do it at the mall and it was youngest son's first time to ever Trick or Treat! 

I can say that although there was a lot of walking involved, my boys had a blast collecting treats! It was definitely fun for them! I for one, was enjoying it just watching all the different costumes that little kids and even adults were wearing! Next year, if time will allow, I would love to go back there again to Trick or Treat and I will make sure that I will wear a costume too!

Anyhow, above are some of the pictures that I took. I took so many that it was so difficult to choose, so I made a collage out of it! I know it's kind of hard to see the individual picture which is one of my reasons why I did it that way! ;)

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