A Different Thanksgiving This Year!

This year's Thanksgiving for us was definitely one of a kind! I do not mean it in a good way though! LOL! It was the roughest and the most chaotic Thanksgiving we ever had but thankfully with a happy ending!
What had happened was, the past Thanksgivings that we had, we always baked the Turkey. But this year my mother-in-law requested it to be deep-fried. Well, it would have been well and fine if we had plan it in advance like checking if all the parts of the deep-fryer are there or propane tank is full. On top of that, my step-daughter was coming to celebrate Thanksgiving with us, so we didn't really get to focus on it. We only had time to check it at the very last minute. 

Then we decided that we will have our Thanksgiving dinner at suppertime which is about 6pm! Well to make the long story short, we ended up eating our Thanksgiving dinner at almost 10 o'clock at night. The turkey didn't turn out the way my husband wanted it. So by the time it was done, it was all falling apart, everybody was exhausted and frustrated and half of the family was asleep! I really wanted to take family pictures but by the time we were all ready to devour our dinner, I was just too exhausted to get my camera out plus I was starving! LOL! But like I said, after our tummies were filled with good foods, we were all happy and mother-in-law went home happy as well!

Anyway, how about you guys, how did your Thanksgiving go? Hopefully it was unforgettable but in a good way!

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