Happy Birthday To My Younger Sister!

Although I am pretty sure that my younger sister who is in the Philippines won't be reading this but I still want to greet her a very HAPPY BIRTHDAY! The actual day was yesterday in the Philippines but it is today here in United States. If I am not mistaken she turned 26 years old! It's pretty bad when you're not sure how old your own sister is! LOL!

Anyway, I hope that she had a wonderful 26th birthday with my family! I posted my birthday greetings on her FB wall! I could have called but I didn't because I am very sure she won't be answering her cellphone for she is busy working! I didn't send or give her anything for her birthday either but I will make sure that she will get something when I send them my Christmas presents which is always a little cash, so they can have a little something for Christmas!

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