Our Christmas Present For Her

We bought this Bunn coffeemaker for my mother-in-law for Christmas. Hers has been broken for several months and has been trying to find one to replace it. But she wasn't willing to pay the high price tag on it in the store. She tried ordering it online and she thought that she had won the bid, already paid for it and was expecting for it to come in the mail. A week later, no coffeemaker came! She contacted the seller and asked where her Bunn coffeemaker is, the seller couldn't give her a straight answer! Well, to make long story short, she got refunded with her money, no Bunn coffeemaker and the hunting continue on until my husband told her that Christmas is coming, why won't she just wait and she might get one for Christmas! And here it is above!
I too had looked in the store of how much this particular coffeemaker cost and yes it's very expensive! I wasn't willing to pay the price tag either. So I looked on Amazon and found this one for less than $90 plus free shipping and didn't have to pay tax! Hopefully my mother-in-law would be happy to receive this on Christmas! I am not sure if this is the same one she had but I guess it doesn't matter since it is the same brand! I asked my husband last night, why does it have to be this brand when there are other good coffeemakers for less prices. He told me this brand is really good, it has some features that some brands doesn't have and that's why it is expensive!
Well I can actually understand why she wouldn't want to settle for something else. She's been using this brand for how many years and when you get accustom of using something, you don't want to use anything else! On the back of the box, it pretty much answered my question that I asked my husband last night...

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