A Crafting Table Will Do!

I've always wanted to have my own craft room but that's gonna be impossible right now due to lack of space around here. But I have been rearranging and getting rid off many unnecessary things and putting new shelves to change the look of our house for the New Year. I have this space where I was planning on putting a console table or some kind of display shelf but after I came across of this crafting table as I was browsing on the net yesterday, I made up my mind that it will be perfect table to put in that space!

So this crafting table will do for now to serve 3 purposes, a crafting table, a storage and a display table! It's a bit expensive but maybe if I talk to my husband about it, he'll get it for me for our anniversary which is about 4 months from now. But I do not want to wait that long to get it, if I can convince him to get it very soon, it would be very great! 

Anyway, the crafting table that I am talking about is pictured below! PLEASE NOTE THAT THE IMAGES ARE NOT MINE!

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