Disgusted And Disappointed!

The realization happened this morning when I was getting ready for church. I mean I've realized long time ago that I've gained so much weight and I needed to do something about it but I wasn't really serious in doing it. Not until this morning when it finally hit me on the face that my weight gain is getting way out of hand and I need to act fast!!!

It is truly depressing when I don't feel comfortable wearing jeans anymore due to my bulging belly! I can't hardly fit in my jeans and I am really disgusted about it! I am really disappointed of myself for letting this happen. This is the biggest I've been not being pregnant. One more pound to go and I'll be as big when I was 9 months pregnant with my first child! Ughhhhh I am just so disgusted! I can't stand it! So I am gonna have to work harder and work even harder to get rid off these unwanted weights and I know I can do it!!!!!

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