Deals On Tablecloths And Napkins

I just discovered over 2 weeks ago(thanks to a friend) that Burlington Coat Factory has an online store. I've heard from people who have shopped in their stores of how cheap most of their items are. Unfortunately, we do not have a store nearby so finding out about their online store got me so geared up! I went online and looked around and was really amazed of how truly cheap some of their items, especially the ones on clearance!

Above are some of the deals that I got shopping on their online store for the very first time. These tablecloths and napkins were on clearance for $1.98 each for the tablecloth and $0.98 each for a set of 4 napkins! I thought these were such good deals and just the perfect timing for I have been looking for some new tablecloths! I bought 3 different colors of tablecloths and 2 sets each of yellow and burgundy color table napkins! All of these were less than $10, not including the shipping and tax of course! At Walmart, tablecloth cost at least $9 each, so I am really thrilled to have purchased these stuff for a very low price!

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