Soon To Be 9-Year In Marriage!

Woahhh! I didn't realize that it's been almost a month since I posted my last entry on here! I've been so busy and my schedule has been so hectic lately! my 2nd grader, like I mentioned on my previous post is now in a baseball team and they practice twice a week. That's one thing that's occupying my time. I have not been updating any of my blogs regularl because I haven't had that much opportunities coming in, that's probably one reason why I am kinda neglecting my blogs! But it doesn't mean that I am interested in blogging anymore. Even though, there are no tasks lately, I still want to continue to blog.

Anyway, here I am taking advantage of this little free time that I have to update this blog. I want my dear readers to know (if any) that my husband and I are soon to be celebrating our 9th year anniversary this coming Sunday! Not only that, it is also the same day I set foot on this strange land that they call USA, the land of opportunity! It is truly hard to  believe that I have been living here for that long and my husband and I have been married for almost 9 years!

We may not have the biggest house or a lot of money to go on a vacation every year but I am so THANKFUL and feel BLESSED for everything that I have that our GREAT LORD ABOVE have showered me over the past years! Especially for my two beautiful boys! They'll always be forever my anniversary, birthday, Mother's day, Christmas presents!!! I also thank my husband for giving me those two most wonderful gifts a woman could ever ask for!!

Anyhow, below is a photo of me and hubby together. This is not the most recent photo of us but I haven't had the time to take a picture of me and him together. Maybe on our anniversary I will take a good picture of me and him. Anyway, this photo below was taken during our family vacation to the Philippines in 2009! So we were 5 years younger in the picture! LOL!

Although me and him may not always get along, I do want to spend my life with him for as long as the LORD GOD allow us! I could not imagine spending my life with somebody else! From the moment I set my eyes on him, I know he was the one meant for me and I do feel lucky and blessed having him as my husband! HAPPY 9-YEAR ANNIVERSARY HONEY AND LOOKING FORWARD TO SPEND 9 MORE YEARS OR MORE WITH YOU! I LOVE YOU!!!

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