Slowly Shedding Off The Weight

I was kind of surprised this morning when I weighed myself and those numbers in the picture showed. When I weighed myself yesterday morning, I was 117+ lbs! I just couldn't believed that I've lost almost 3 lbs since yesterday but I weighed myself again 4 times to make sure and it is the same numbers that shows!

I am not complaining about it, in fact, I'm very thrilled! Finally, I'm shedding off some of those extra pounds slowly even though I have not exercised or dieting in a long time.

Since I got off my birth control which was a depo shot and started my period, I immediately noticed that I was starting to lose weight! I was suspecting that it was the depo shot that was making me gain weight! I went up to 126 lbs! That was biggest I've been, not being pregnant!

Anyway, I am just so relieved that finally I am seeing some progress! My target weight is still 103 lbs or less. So I still have a long way to go but I know I can do it!!

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