We Are Raising Chickens!

Wewww, it's been such a long time since I updated this blog. I have been so busy the past months that it was so hard for me to update all 4 blogs. So I decided to just try updating two of them at least once a week, but even that, it was still hard for me to keep up!

Anyway, everything is still pretty hectic around here but I guess I am kind of adjusted to my new schedule. One of the things that's keeping me busy around here, is taking care of chickens! Yes are raising chickens now!

We currently have 3 hens which lays 1 egg each everyday and 1 rooster. They are actually not that hard to take care of. The whole family is enjoying the chickens as a matter of fact especially the little ones!

We decided to raise chickens for them main purpose of having fresh eggs everyday. We only had these chickens for 3 days and so far they've given us 5 fresh eggs! Not all 3 hens are laying eggs right now, I think because one of the hens is still traumatized from moving them to their old home to ours. They're definitely getting used to their new home, so they'll be laying eggs in regular basis pretty soon!

Anyhow, here are some photos of our chickens below..

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